Construction well under way

9th January, 2020

In December North-East Welding completed the site cut, footings, slab and steel frame. The waste water treatment system has also been installed by Vertex Plumbing. Graham and I have just finished the walls and ceiling of the lower ground unit ready for the plumber and electrician to do their bits. We have had to evacuate twice because of the bush fire threat which has slowed us down a little, but we hope to return Sunday evening to continue on – provided the fire has not come our way 🙂

New guest units nearing completion

Construction of two guest units commenced at Buffalo Bed and Bike in November and we are very excited to be almost at lock-up stage. Hopefully by April they will be ready but we are not taking bookings until we are sure. The ground level unit is disability/wheelchair accessible according to the Australian standard. Each unit has two bedrooms, a living/dining area and bathroom/toilet. There will be a microwave, fridge and hotplate for simple meal prep. You can see on the site plan where they are located between the existing house and Great Alpine Road.

New 2 bedroom guest units nearing completionView Details